Corporate culture-employee birthday party, I celebrate with Aomya


Corporate culture-employee birthday party, I celebrate with Aomya

Aomya has always adhered to the life concept of "respect, care, and sharing", aims to build a harmonious enterprise, and devotes itself to creating a warm enterprise environment like a big family. In order to make each employee feel the collective warmth and care, the company celebrates the collective birthday of the employees on that month's birthday every month. The development of Omea is soaked in everyone's sweat! The spring of Omea is full of fragrance. On the leafy September day, our partners join hands and join hands side by side to join the Omea family, share a pleasant birthday party, and grow and develop together with the company. Write a magnificent chapter of one heart culture together.


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Meeting is fate, knowing each other is understanding. 
Rustling Wuye sent a cold sound, the autumn wind on the river moved guest feelings. 
Unwittingly, it is autumn. If you miss it, you will say a thousand words. 
Miss the feeling has not changed, send that ancient blessing: 
Happy birthday, happy forever! May all happiness and peace be with you! 

———————September staff birthday party




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It's wonderful to have you. Thank you for your company.




A share of fate and a share of sweetness. 

A true love in the heart. 

A greeting, a love. 

One is concerned about one love. 

A blessing to send warmth. 

Poured into Omea's affection for his employees. 

I hope every birthday party. 

All of them have brought us different feelings. 

There is a corporate culture that always nourishes everything in silence! 

There is always a kind of care quietly into the heart of the "Omea"! 

Love in Omea, love in the employee birthday party. 

We are glad to grow up with you! 

Happy birthday to all of you who celebrate your birthday in the first quarter!

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